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Baby Oil


Indications: Exclusively effective in the sensitive and dehydrated skin. Compromised skin by age, exposure to sun, wind and low humidity, soaps or harsh cleansers. Medications that can dry the skin.

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Properties: Prevent damage to the skin barrier and promote healthy skin, imitate and augment many of the skin’s natural lipids. Provides superior percutaneous absorption. Restricts the penetration of irritants, allergens and bacteria that trigger inflammation and infection, significantly act as a moisturizer, locks in up to 10 times more moisture on wet skin than an ordinary lotion can on dry skin.

Results: Effective in protecting the skin’s natural barrier. Protects skin from environmental exposure. Accelerated moisturization by reduced drying, scaling, inflammation. Dramatically improved, soothed, re-hydrated, replenished and repaired xerotic skin.

Texture: Fresh, smooth, transparent, hydrating texture.

Use: Gently massage onto damp skin after bathing to leave skin feeling soft and to moisturize dry skin. Adults can use our baby oil too, soothe and relieve dry, rough patches. Its fast absorption allows for a use alone or complementary to your regular skin care. Keep out of reach of children.

Ingredients: Liquid Paraffin LP-500. Fragrance.

Pack Size: 120ml – 4.05 FL. OZ.

Exclusive Anti-Relapse Innovation:  Baby Oil along its moisturizing efficacy of highly refined, purified liquid paraffin relives xerosis of skin. Lubricate the skin and preventing moisture loss that helps your skin heal. Hydrophobic properties help seal your skin with the water-protective barrier. Easily absorbed without leaving oily residue into the sensitive, mature and oily skin. Dermatologist tested, clinically proven mildness formula is designed for baby’s delicate skin.

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