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AdoleRx Foaming Gel


For Oily & Sensitive Skin

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Product Details

Indications: Effective in mild, moderate and severe types of acne both with oily and sensitive skin. Gently purifies the skin thanks to cleansing agents, it eliminates impurities and excess sebum while leaving the skin clean and fresh.

Properties: AdoleRx Foaming Gel is non-acnegenic, opens obstructed and clogged skin pores. It produces its anti-inflammatory effects by suppressing the activity of cyclooxygenase, promotes the shedding of dead epithelial skin cells, thins the skin on and around the lesion that causes the outer layer of the skin to loosen and shed. It limits the growth of acne.

Results: The skin is cleansed of impurities and excess sebum, pores are tightened and unclogged. Improved acne. Inhibited cyclooxygenase, reduced inflammation and redness visibly. The skin texture is finer and more even.

Texture: Fresh, smooth, anti-friction and non-greasy transparent fluid texture.

Use: Should be applied in the morning and evening or as recommended by dermatologists. Lather with a little water and delicately massage, using circular movements. Rinse well with water and gently dry the face. Avoid the eye contour area.

INGREDIENTS: Aqua (Water). Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate. Triethanolamine. Citric Acid. Propylene Glycol. Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Salicylic Acid. Polyethylene Glycol 400. Fragrance.

Pack Size: 100ml – 3.38 FL. OZ.

Exclusive Anti-Relapse Innovation: AdoleRx Foaming Gel is lipophilic, specifically adapted for the need to penetrate oily skin and clogged pores. It’s powerful desmolytic action encourages the exfoliation of the skin and unclogging of pores as it dissolves the type of skin debris that causes acne. Works best on blackheads and whiteheads, directly act on the keratin plugs and regulate the skin cells. Demonstrated anti-relapse effect on the appearance of imperfection.


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